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alexander irving

"I continue to be inspired by the capacity
that we all have for being well."

Alexander works with groups and individuals, helping them apply mindfulness into the midst of their lives. Since 2011 he has been teaching mindfulness courses in the community as well as providing one to one training and leading courses and workshops in the workplace.

Alexander trained to teach mindfulness at the Centre for Mindfulness, Research and Practice, Bangor University and holds a Masters degree in Teaching Mindfulness with a Certificate of Competence in Teaching. Mindfulness Beyond grew out of Alex’s Masters research project “Mindfulness Beyond Eight Weeks” which examined mindfulness teaching that happens after eight-week mindfulness courses.

Alexander has practiced meditation since 2001, regularly attending residential retreats particularly within the Insight Meditation tradition. In addition to his mindfulness training and work Alexander has a background in osteopathy, helping people with pain, stress and illness. Wanting to know more about pain and stress, in 2010 he completed a Master's degree in Pain; Science and Society, at King's College London.

In learning how to bring balance and care into his own life, and in training others to do the same, Alexander continues to be inspired by the capacity that we all have for being well, even in the midst of stress and difficulty.

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