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What happens when you finish an eight-week mindfulness course? We want to find out.

Mindfulness Beyond is a community of experienced mindfulness teachers who are actively involved in mindfulness training that develops and deepens practice beyond introductory offerings such as Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction and Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (which we also teach).

Together we're exploring the possibilities of ongoing mindfulness practice beyond eight-weeks.

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Relational Mindfulness Course

When: January 23, 2019 - March 13, 2019
Where: London, W1T 5DX
Teacher: Rosalie Dores

The Interpersonal Mindfulness Programme offers a bridge between our solitary meditation practice, and our relational lives. This eight-week course has been developed by the Centre for Mindfulness and the Metta Foundation in the US, to support MBSR graduates in integrating mindfulness practice into their interactions with others.

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